Please let me tell you a little bit about the story of Swedish Lifestyle

Story about Swedish Lifestyle
– Our challenge, partners, mission, and similarities between Sweden and Japan

The beginning of our endeavor

Swedish Lifestyle was established in 2006 by Martin Jobeus, a Swede who has spent time living in Japan during two periods in the past. It is a Japanese company with a Swedish perspective so to say. Driven by his love for Japan, Martin returned to Japan to make his dream come true - to establish business in Japan. The ambition was to serve as a bridge between Japan and Sweden through Swedish fashion and design, two areas that had not yet made a full-scale entry into the Japanese market at the time.

Our partners from around the world

The brand portfolio of Swedish Lifestyle used to be limited to Swedish brands, moreover we currently also sell Danish brands. In the future our effort is to expand the range, and we are open to bring in brands from more countries. Our ambition is to represent the real contemporary fashion and design scene in Sweden where people bring foreign goods into their everyday life. Swedish Lifestyle looks for an opportunity to introduce a wide range of products related to lifestyle. That is the message behind our company name - Swedish Lifestyle.

Brand selection

Making full use of information gathered through our broad network in Sweden, we select brands that are desirable and have potential in the Japanese market. We have to judge carefully whether or not a brand from Scandinavia, whose market is different from the Japanese market, has a competitive edge in the Japanese market. It is also important to answer to the need for Swedish Lifestyle in the Japanese market. Our mission is to deliver unique value that cannot be provided by anyone else.

What Sweden and Japan have in common?

Sweden is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula of northern Europe. The geographical location of Sweden, basically separated from the other European countries by water, is something that makes the mentality of Swedes similar to island-nation mentality of the Japanese. At an area approximately 1.2 times the size of Japan, Sweden embraces a population of 9.4million people. It is often said that modest mentality of Swedish people resembles that of the Japanese. Produced under such circumstances, Swedish goods have functionality, and high quality, blended with aesthetically pleasing design. It is no coincidence that Swedish products appeal to the Japanese market.